In this challenging real estate environment, experience creates the most valuable foundation from which to successfully capitalize on opportunities. The conventional real estate market is changing rapidly – and in ways that we may not yet fully anticipate. What we can do though is ensure that we pay attention to every nuance and reflect on every prior experience to ensure that we have fresh and inventive responses. Prior recognition and awards are great for one’s resume – but it is the ability to distill one’s experiences and apply them effectively to today’s challenges that is now the most sought after expertise.

Davidson Advisory Services, Inc., (DASI) has that kind of expertise. DASI can provide you, your project and your investor group/funding source with the very best real estate design and development advice. We are well-versed in all aspects of real estate development, from the big-picture to the smallest detail. We can provide you with comprehensive services including:

  • Programming & Permitting
  • Design & Development
  • Sales and Marketing

We will help ensure that your project pursuits are carried out with a focus on highest and best use – grounded in objectivity, shaped by studied market forces and driven with aspiration.

You can gain an understanding and appreciation of what DASI can bring to the table by reviewing our Seven Services on our associated Davidson Development site. We will tailor our advisory services to meet your specific needs and schedules. We can do so in a single, thorough meeting or through scheduled conferences. We can serve as:

  • A member of your team or Your project leader
  • Your designated project liaison and representative between you and all regulatory agencies
  • The representative-face of the project for public information purposes

We have in-depth experience that spans the many real estate cycles since the early 1970’s. We have gained our experience from multiple local, regional, national and international projects. Our record shows that we have always achieved a high-level of success, directly benefitting our Clients. We remain healthy and strong – in the midst of the most challenging era any of us has ever experienced. Call us – so that we can put your project on the path to prosperity.

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